Herbar impact

Creating new products is not environmentally sustainable, and we don't pretend it is.

Being in the beauty industry, we acknowledge our duty to both mitigate and fully grasp the extent of our environmental footprint. Crucially, we manufacture in small quantities to prevent excess inventory and reduce waste. When it comes to packaging, we prioritize eco-friendly choices, including the use of recyclable materials and the implementation of intelligent refillable packaging solutions to simplify sustainability. 

In addition, we are redistributing our profits to areas of need. The best part of each Herbar product is our potent, efficacious, sustainably sourced ingredients. We work in partnership with leading charities and environmental non-profit organizations that enable us to undo some of the damage that comes with producing new goods.

Herbar believes that great skincare product should not come at a cost to our planet, and it IS our mission to bring climate-conscious products to all through transparency and education.

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New goods

Foundation Fungi

 We can do far more together than we can alone. Saving our planet takes more than one person, or one organisation, which is why we are also partnering up with the team at Foundation Fungi.

The Fungi Foundation works for the Fungi, their habitats and the people who depend on them.

They are carbon reservoirs of nature, thanks to their mutualistic relationship with trees, they receive carbon from them through the roots, which helps them grow. Thus, carbon is kept in the mycelium (underground) and not in the atmosphere.

Through decomposition they recycle all organic matter on the planet! There are fungi that can even decompose plastic and petrochemicals. They are excellent remediators, capable of cleaning up toxic waste such as oil or converting radiation into chemical energy for growth. There are fungi that remove copper, zinc, iron, cadmium, lead and nickel from aqueous solutions through absorption.

At Herbar we donate 1% of each Face Oil to FF so fungi can be recognized as the interconnectors of nature.

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Educating Girls of Rural China

 In order to bring this social impact idea to reality, we forward 1% of our Face Oil sales to Educating Girls of Rural China. EGRC provides young women in rural Western China with access to high school and university education through financial sponsorship and emotional support. 

EGRC further offers mentorship, and a variety of training programs with a specific focus on mental health, confidence- building, career and personal development. We work directly with the Founder Ching Tien in order to empower young women to break the cycle of poverty through education.


We’re just getting started, but we hope you join us as we strive to be honest, approachable, and inclusive!

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