Fungi & Adaptogenic Powered Beauty. The Skin Pearls hone in on skin health, fatigue reducing, stress lowering and collagen boosting – allowing your skin to glow while enhancing performance.

A signature symbiotic blend of fungi, adaptogens, medical herbs, botanical extracts, and vitamins. The Skin Pearls will restore balance in the body and encourage resilience to oxidative stress, fatigue, and cellular senescence. All of this while strengthening the barrier, boosting its immunity, and brightening every skin’s individual beauty. An adaptogenic potion that hones in on radiant skin and a radiant you.
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A philosophy deeply rooted in the fact
that beauty can be healing.
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The Face Oil. Meet our Mushroomy Face Oil.
Harnessing the power of ancient rituals for modern day beauty and a simpler skincare routine. Packed with powerful extracts that sooth, enhance and fortify the skin from within.

The calming, fast absorbing blend has been tested to restore radiance, balance, soothe inflammation, enhance elasticity and fortify skin against environmental elements. Suitable for all skin types.
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The Gua-Shroom. Derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Gua-Shroom is a tool to encourage lymphatic drainage for smoother and more toned looking skin. Herbar’s unique Gua-Shroom shape was carefully designed by us to perfectly smooth over your skin. Take a few minutes out of your day to give your body some extra TLC. → SHOP NOW