Fauna, Flora & Fungi Illustrations by Pierre Gandon

Tremella Tong Jiang, Sichuan
Tremella Mushroom has shown to have better moisture retention abilities than hyaluronic acid, beating it by holding more weight in water. Think of it as hydration confetti sprinkled on your skin. Studies show that Tremella helps with hydration, moisture, decreased inflammation, anti-oxidation, wound healing, and strengthening the skin barrier, lending it a plump and radiant look.

Reishi Long Quan, Zhejiang
Reishi Mushroom often called the mushroom of longevity and immortality, it contains mighty antioxidant compounds. These have been linked to reduced skin discolouration and hyperpigmentation, decreased inflammation, and boosted skin health. Think healthy, radiant skin for years to come. And healthy skin just loves to glow.

Cordyceps Militaris Le Ling, Shandong
One of the most fascinating adaptogenic fungi, cordyceps is known to boost energy levels and stimulate cell renewal. It truly is the performance mushroom: promoting resilience to free radicals, diminishing the signs of UVB damage, giving no chance to oxidative stress, and keeping moisture where it belongs –namely inside–, it tickles out the sports in you.

Rhodiola Rosea Ningxia & Gansu
This high-altitude and cliff habitat lover is a true survival strategist. It is known to be an immuno-modulator improving cold and stress resistance levels, while naturally decreasing the harms of UV-radiation in the dermis. Thereby the skin brightens and relaxes, which can lead to diminished signs of environmental strain. Studied to alleviate anxiety, fatigue, and stressors like cortisol are further benefits that comfort and cuddle our well-being.

Eleuthero Dongbei
Considered the original adaptogen, Eleuthero is a many-sided aid to the skin's immunity. It is rich in polyphenols entailing protection against oxidative harm and inflammatory agents, which can lead to a stronger skin barrier resistant to external and internal stresses. Though another propriety made it into one of the most saught after skin beauty supplements: it has been said positively effects cell renewal and collagen production.

Da Zao Le Ling, Shandong
Used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine, topically Da Zao or Jujube dates have a high vitamin C content. They have been proven to help the skin resist oxidative stress more effortlessly. Powerhouses when it comes to encouraging cell turnover, Jujube dates seem to improve elasticity and firmness of the skin, while reducing the appearance of scars. They are a true healer.